An Interactive Password Cracker Test in PHP

An Interactive Test to Crack Your Password

“All the passwords should be stored as MD5 hash codes.” It is classic knowledge of any article on information security. But unfortunately, in 2016, it has lost its relevance, and everything is not so simple. The md5 ( ‘password’), md5 (md5 ( ‘password’)) code, and even the md5 (md5 (md5 ( ‘password’))) code will not save you from hackers.

The so-called rainbow table is a hash-breaking tool, which is now available to anyone who will type these words in Google. Keeping a comparison of the original string and its hash, they make it easy to recover any “irrecoverable” hash function.

The modern rainbow table stores every word and all its forms ever met on forums, Wikipedia, and the entire Internet.

Let’s perform a little test. For example, I have “jason” as a password. I will hash it and then try to crack it. I will use to hash my password, and to encrypt it.

Hashing the password:

Encrypting the hash:

As we can see, I needed a few seconds to crack the password.

What to do in such a situation?

A good way to protect yourself is to use salt when hashing. It adds a random string to your password before hashing it.

A simple example in PHP:

$password = 'password'; // your password
$hash = md5($password); // hasging
$salt = 'sflprt49fhi2'; // salt
// salting the password: concatenate the old hash with the salt and hash it one more time:
$saltedHash = md5($hash1 . $salt);

In this example, the salt is a static string. You should use a dynamic (random) salt in real projects.
A better example using STL in PHP language:

A better example using STL in PHP language:
$hash = crypt('password');// crypt extracts the salt from the existing hash and hashes the incoming password using it.
if (crypt($password, $hash) == $hash) {
   // password is correct

Thanks for your attention!

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