Assignment Example: Sample on How to Start Programming in C++

First, you will need to install an IDE. In this example, I will use Microsoft Visual Studio. You can download the free version, Visual Studio Community, from the official website:


Run the downloaded file:


In the installation window you will be able to choose the directory for Visual Studio (in my case, it’s C:\work folder\VS):


After you have chosen the folder, click “Next” and proceed to the component selection window:


Push next and begin the installation:


When the installation is complete, press the “LAUNCH” button:


So, let’s write our first program. First, create a new project:


In the new window, select:


You can change the name and the location of the project if you want.When the project is created, you should add a new C++ source code file. In the right side of the screen, right-click “Source files” → Add → New Item…


Add the .cpp file:


Then, type the following text to the new source file:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
	cout << "Hello world!!!" << endl;

	return 0;


Press Ctrl+Shift+B to build the program, and then F5 to run it:


Congratulations! Now you can start programming in C++!

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