FEA Analysis in SOLIDWORKS Sample


Perform a simple FEA simulation using the SOLIDWORKS software. Design the geometry of a solid body and apply the material, appropriate boundary conditions, and external loads in order to calculate the maximal strain in the body. Compare the result with the analytical solution.


Let’s consider a cantilever beam with the following loading:

fea analysis in solidworks

The cross-section is assumed to be a simple rectangle with a 150 mm height and 50 mm width.

Then, the first step will be to create the cross-sectional area in the arbitrarily selected sketch:

fea analysis in solidworks sample
The next step will be an extrusion of 3 m length of a solid beam:

fea analysis in solidworks example
After that, a static analysis should be run by selecting the appropriate case study in the SOLIDWORKS window:

fea analysis in solidworks sample analyzed

It should be noted that the 1 m (or 1000 mm) of free length needs to be separated from the whole surface for the load application.

fea analysis in solidworks task

As for the boundary conditions, the left side of the beam should be fixed and the right span of 1 m should be loaded by the distributed load of 4 kN/m.

fea analysis in solidworks assignment
Let’s assume the material for this body to be 6063-O Aluminum Alloy.

fea analysis in solidworks project

A standard mesh will be built there. Since the geometry is very simple, there is no need for a small mesh size.

solidworks fea analysis tutorial
After running the simulation analysis, the following result will be shown:

solidworks fea analysis tutorial in details

As can be seen, the maximal displacement is:

Let’s check the analytical solution. For this purpose, use the Area-Moment method:

solidworks fea analysis tutorial

The deflection of the end can be calculated as:

As can be seen, the calculated value equals 28 mm. Thus, the FEA provided the exact solution compared to the analytical analysis. However, a real-life experiment could provide a different value, since the real-life beam has non-homogenous properties and non-linear behavior.

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