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After a thorough familiarization with the main issues of the curriculum, and listening to the lecture material on each topic, a direct independent work begins on the study of the operations management discipline. The operations management discipline is based on the knowledge acquired by students in the study of the fundamentals of marketing, personnel management, management of competitiveness, macroeconomics, microeconomics, logistics, etc. There are different questions on operations management you need to deal with.

Operations Management Answers

Operations Management Questions and Answers

The term “management” means:

  • Set of principles, methods, means and forms of management of production or other types of activities with the aim of increasing efficiency, and increasing profits (the right answer).
  • The aggregate of persons united for joint business activity as a single legal entity.
  • A security without a fixed maturity, which certifies the contribution of funds for the establishment or development of an enterprise and entitles its owner to participate in the management of the enterprise, the receipt of a part of the profit in the form of a dividend, and participation in the distribution of property in case of liquidation of the enterprise.

Operations management is:

  • Set of principles, methods, means and forms of management of production or other type of activity in order to increase efficiency, and increase profits.
  • Activities to manage the acquisition of materials, their transformation into a finished product and the delivery of this product to the buyer (the right answer).
  • A security that certifies that the holder has deposited funds and approves an obligation to reimburse the nominal value of that security in the period provided for therein with a fixed interest requirement (unless otherwise provided by the terms of the release).

The main objective of operations management is to:

  • Develop a methodology for applying the most effective methods and tools for creating benefits to provide consumers with quality products and services (the right answer).
  • Capitalize part of surplus value, turning it into additional means of production and additional labor.
  • Acquire or expand the right to control the activities of the enterprise.

The main tasks that operations managers solve:

  • Reducing the time of launching new products into production.
  • Creation of flexible production systems, which, in mass volume, produce products and offer services for individual customer orders.
  • Management of global production networks.
  • Development of new technological processes and their introduction into the existing production system.
  • All answers are correct (the right answer).

The operation is:

  • Capital, expressed in securities, regularly yielding income to their owners in the form of a dividend or interest and making an independent movement, different from real capital, in the securities market.
  • Development and implementation of the overall strategy and directions of the organization’s operational activities.
  • Relatively finished mobile form of the expected result (goods or services), that is subordinated to the system of requirements and restrictions, which is given from the outside (although the formation of restrictions from the inside is not excluded) (the right answer).

The activity of any organization can be represented as a set of operations. There are four separate types of activities that are described as operations. They include:

  • Production. Supplies. Transportation. Service (the right answer).
  • Formation, distribution and use of capital. Control over the formation, distribution and use of capital.
  • Placement of new issued shares. Capitalization of profits. Obtaining constituent profit.

The responsibilities of operations managers include the following major groups:

  • Development and implementation of the overall strategy and directions of the organization’s operations.
  • Development and implementation of the operating system, including the development of production technology, the decision on the location of production facilities, the design of the enterprise, product design, and the introduction of standards for the performance of work.
  • Planning and control of the current functioning of the system.
  • Ensuring a given process of the current functioning of the system and the efficiency of the processing of input resources, consisting in obtaining the necessary quantity of output and its high quality.
  • All answers are correct (the right answer).

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