Java LinkedList Example for Beginners

The main purpose of the linked list is to provide a mechanism for storing and accessing an arbitrary amount of data. According to the title of the sample, this is achieved by linking the data together in a list. Before you go on to consider the Java LinkedList example, let’s recall how the data is stored in an array. The data in the array is stored in a continuous section of memory, divided into cells of a certain size. Access to data in cells is done by reference to their location – the index.

The following linked list implementation in Java example is a great way to learn more about the issue. Most students who study programming will find our sample helpful. If you read through our example, it will increase your chances of dealing with your own assignment much better. If you don’t know how to complete your task, the following sample will be the most appropriate way out.

Data Structures in Java LinkedList

In this guide we will go through the data structure in Java as a linked list and will implement the basic functions.

Let’s regard the simplest way of representation of a linked list.

It is comprised of a node that has a value (some number or set of characters), and a pointer to the next node which has another value with the pointer to the next element.

Imagine you have some record book, where on the first page you have the phone number of your boss (value = phone; pointer = page#), and on the second page you have his birth date. At this point this is all, and here the pointer will direct to NULL as another node doesn’t exist.

java linkedlist example

So, to understand the concept it is better to implement the basic structure of the linked list first. Thus we will create a program that adds, searches, and deletes nodes within the implemented linked list.

Program output:

java linkedlist example completed

Java implementation:

//Program consists of three classes for ease of usage and understanding.

//Class Node implements actually itself.

//Class NewLinkList implements linked list with all the necessary functions in it.

// And main is used for testing if our program works correctly.

linked list implementation in java example

linked list implementation in java sample

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