Programming Tips to Become a Guru of Programming

Programming Tips

Choose a meaningful name for the variable; it should be short and understandable for other programmers.

int i = 0; // variable name does not contain any sense and we do not understand why we need this variable
int counter = 0; // meaningful name, once it is clear it is the counter
Are there difficulties with program writing? Go to the FAQ and read it again and again and you will write the program!

When you declare variables, initialize them to an initial value. This will protect the program.

// For example, create a variable for the accumulation of the sum
int sum;

// accumulate the sum in the cycle (WRONG)
for (int counter = 0; counter < 10; counter++)
sum += counter; // accumulate the amount

Note that in line 2, I simply declare a variable without zeroing, therefore, the sum in the cycle will be performed with the “garbage” originally contained in the variable sum.
When writing the program code, don’t forget to leave comments, as they can be useful for you.

To prevent the emergence of difficult-to-catch errors, write program code according to the principle of least privilege. For example, if a program needs to work with only non-negative numbers, use the prefix “unsigned”. If the value of the variable should not be changed, use the const qualifier.

Every programmer eventually develops a unique style of writing code. Find your style and try to follow it; it will help you quickly navigate the code of your programs.

Try to optimize the program code using different methods of programming — functions, loops, structures, classes.

The declaration of the data members of the class after access specifiers, such as private and creation of get and set functions to access this data, ensures data integrity of the class.

Thanks for your attention!

Programming is very popular nowadays, but still there are a lot of questions that students have about programming in general. If you still don’t know how to write good code, follow our programming tips and improve your skills in program writing. Gaining programming skill is a long and hard process, and if you face some troubles at the beginning, keep your chin up!

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