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There are different chemistry questions to ask students if they decide to study this discipline and need to pass tests. One of the main focuses of study in chemistry is the substances that make up all the bodies around us. A body is something that has mass and volume. Drops of rain, hoarfrost on branches, and fog are bodies consisting of one substance — water. Phenomena in which new substances are formed from some substances are called chemical substances. Chemistry studies such phenomena. There is a lot of information that you should know about chemistry.

chemistry questions and answers

Basic Chemistry Questions and Answers

One of the main chemistry objective questions for competitive exams that students will face focuses on what chemistry actually is. Chemistry is the science of the transformation of substances. This definition has become the classical definition.

Also, one of the basic chemistry mcqs focuses on what chemistry studies. Chemistry studies the composition and structure of substances, the conditions and ways of transformation of some substances into others, and the dependence of the properties of substances on their composition and structure. Chemical changes are always accompanied by physical changes. Therefore, chemistry is closely related to physics. Chemistry is also related to biology, since biological processes are accompanied by continuous chemical transformations.

A question about substances is rather common. All substances are studied and get their name because, despite the presence of similar signs, each of them have their own individual properties. To establish the properties of the substance, it is necessary to have it in the purest possible form. Sometimes, even a very small content of impurity leads to a strong change in certain properties of the substance. Substances in pure form are not found in nature. Natural substances are mixtures that sometimes consist of a very large number of different substances. For example, natural water always contains dissolved salts and gases. If one of the substances predominates in the mixture, then usually the whole mixture bears its name.

In inhomogeneous mixtures, particles of different substances can be distinguished by the eye or by means of a microscope. If this is not possible, they can be homogeneous mixtures. A non-uniform mixture of a solid and water can be separated, for example, by settling or filtering, and a homogeneous mixture can be separated by evaporation. Studying the properties of substances, chemistry is not limited only to external observations. It also studies the internal changes that occur with substances as a result of physical phenomena that are not related to the transformation of certain substances into others. An example of physical phenomena is the transition of a substance from one aggregate state to another (the transformation of liquid water into steam when heated or into ice upon cooling).

The main task of chemistry is the identification and description of such properties of substances, due to which it is possible to convert certain substances into others as a result of chemical phenomena, or chemical reactions.

If you really love chemistry and would like to test your knowledge, then you will like our quiz. On this page you will find interesting mcqs of chemistry with answers.

  • What is the central part of the atom?

Answer: The core

  • Which gas is the lightest?

Answer: Hydrogen

  • What is the formula for quicklime?

Answer: CaO

  • Why does the apple slice gradually turn yellow?

Answer: There is a process of oxidation of the iron contained in the apple.

  • What substances need to be mixed to get gunpowder?

Answer: Coal, saltpeter, sulfur

  • What is the name of an indivisible particle?

Answer: Atom

  • What form of water contains less impurities: rain, sea, or mineral water?

Answer: Rain

  • Which element is used for bleaching the laundry?

Answer: Chlorine

  • What chemical element was the cause of Napoleon’s death?

Answer: Arsenic

  • What chemical element prevails in the composition of coal?

Answer: Carbon

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chemistry questions to ask

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