Useful Mobile App Testing Tools

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Useful Tools for Testing Mobile Applications


KIF allows you to check how your iOS app is perceived by people with poor eyesight.

iOS UI automation

This is a native tool from Apple. It is impossible to forget about it, but it is worth telling you about a few disadvantages:

  • Tests should be written in JavaScript.
  • To run the tests you need to open a separate application. This is not very convenient, especially if you use CI (continuous integration).
  • The application must be signed. Signing the application may not be a problem, but a few people will do it just to learn how to use the tool.

UI Automator

UI Automator is the analogue of UIAutomation for testing Android applications. It is developed by Google and comes with the Android SDK.


Robotium is designed for Android applications. Using it, developers can write functional tests which can cover several Android activities.


Calabash is a framework for automated functional testing. It is a kind of driver that manages the application on a device or simulator. It is suitable for both Android applications and for applications for iOS. The development and support are done by the Xamarin company. Also, the company provides paid testing services in the cloud.


Appium is an open-source framework that helps with the automation of testing mobile applications. Nowadays Appium is frequently mentioned at conferences and is widely used.

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