Work Equation: Thermodynamics Sample

Problem #1:

Find the amount of the work and the amount of heat transferred when the body is heated to 275 oC, if the volume of


is enclosed by a 0.4 kg body at a constant pressure of 0.55 MPa.


The kinetic and potential changes of the current system do not significantly change and can be neglected.


work equation thermodynamics

work equation thermodynamics sample

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It leads to:

work equation thermodynamics task

work equation thermodynamics project

heat transfer formula thermodynamics
The heat transfer can be found then from:

heat transfer formula thermodynamics sample
Problem #2:

a) Suppose it is required to increase the temperature from -20 to 100 degrees Celsius for 1 kg of nitrogen at a constant pressure. Calculate the required amount of heat.

b) Calculate the increment of the nitrogen’s internal energy.

c) Calculate the required external work.
d) Assuming the volume is constant, calculate the required heat if:

heat transfer formula thermodynamics task


heat transfer formula thermodynamics project


The kinetic and potential:

a) The nitrogen can be assumed to be an ideal gas. Thus the required heat can be calculated by the following formula:

internal energy equation in thermodynamics

b) The increment of the nitrogen’s internal energy:

internal energy equation in thermodynamics sample
c) The required external work:

heat formula in thermodynamics

d) The required heat for a constant volume is:

external work in thermodynamics

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