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Technical assignment writers wanted! We’re looking for talented writers who want to help students and earn money online. No office, schedule, or dress code — you can work from home and control your finances by yourself. We offer assignment writing jobs in technical disciplines. Join AssignmentShark and become a well-paid freelance writer!

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What we expect from our applicants


Academic degree


Perfect command of English


Ability to meet deadlines


Excellent analytical and research skills


Self-discipline and motivation


Ability to work as a freelancer

IT Assignment Writing Jobs

IT is an extremely popular field today. Become an IT expert at AssignmentShark and get decent pay for your knowledge and skills!

  • Computer Network

    This discipline can be tough for first-year students. Help them to get better grades, and make money while doing it!

  • Programming

    We get dozens of requests from college students who have trouble with programming, Java assignments, coding tasks and so on. Join our team and provide them with high-quality assistance!

  • Computer Science

    Manipulating digital data can be a passion or an academic burden. If you’re not afraid of challenges, then join our team as a computer science expert!

Natural Sciences Assignment Writing Jobs

Our planet keeps many secrets. Become one of the heroes who are ready to reveal them and help students to look at natural phenomena from a scientific point of view!

  • Biology

    We offer freelance biology writing jobs to the experts who have a degree in this major. Use your knowledge and become a TOP writer on AssignmentShark!

  • Physics

    Physics is a science that reveals the secrets of the universe. If you’re familiar with some of these mysteries, register as a technical expert on our site. You’ll make money while doing your favorite job!

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry is an extremely complex discipline, and some students have trouble with their chemistry assignments. Provide them with academic assistance and earn money for your writing talent!

Financial Economics Assignment Writing Jobs

Money is the basis of our economy. For this reason, economics is an essential discipline. If you’re a pro at finances, then our assignment writing job is for you.

  • Corporate finance

    Corporations are complex financial structures, and someone has to deal with these systems. If you know how to calculate big numbers, become a corporate finance expert at AssignmentShark.

  • Accounting

    All businesses and institutions have income and expenses. In fact, professional accountants are always in demand. Help students with their accounting homework and make money!

Formal Sciences Assignment Writing Jobs

Many students have difficulties with numbers and complain about math and statistics homework. You’ll make their life much easier if you join our team as an expert and provide them with academic assistance in formal sciences.

  • Math

    Get a freelance math writing job on our service if you want to have regular payments and comfortable working conditions. Work from home and make money easily!

  • Statistics

    Statistical data is essential for any research or analysis work. If you’re good at statistics, apply for an online assignment help job at AssignmentShark.

Start your career in technical assignment writing with us!

You are able to start your path toward a career as a technical expert. We offer you the opportunity to work online right from your home. You’ll work on a self-employed, freelance basis.

FAQ About Assignment Writing Jobs

How do I register?

To become a technical assignment writer on our site, you have to follow three steps.

Step 1 – Submit your email
When you fill in a short form (email and name) on this page, we’ll send you a letter. Click the link in the confirmation letter to continue the registration.

Step 2 – Fill in your profile
After submission, you’ll log in with your email (login) and temporary password from the letter. Now, we want to learn more about your background and qualifications. Fill in all the necessary details in your profile and save it.

Step 3 – Pass the test
We want to provide students with high-quality academic assistance. To become a writer on our site, you’ll have to pass a one-hour test on one of twelve technical disciplines. You can make a maximum of five mistakes. Also, you can take several tests to prove your qualifications in several fields.

How much will I get paid?

You’ll have total control over your finances. Only you decide what bid to put on each order and how many orders you’re able to complete. The more orders you bid on, the more you can receive.

Will I get any bonuses?

Our company also has an additional way to motivate our technical assignment writers. We have special awards and bonuses for the experts who work productively and provide assignments of the best quality. Your bonus also depends on customers’ marks and on-time delivery.

How do I receive my payment?

We want our experts to get their payments for assignment writing jobs in the most comfortable way. Our service offers such types of payment methods: PayPal™, Payoneer and Wire Transfer. Pick the most convenient method and make money in any part of the world!

What bid should I place for the order?

Your bid is only your choice. Our service sets only a minimum limitation that depends on the deadline. Remember that the customer won’t see the same price per page, as we have a service commission. You may update or delete your bid at any moment.

What if my customer doesn’t release money for the order?

With our service, you don’t need to worry about your payment. We reserve money on the customer’s account in advance, and you’ll be 100% paid if you complete the order on time and according to the requirements. Each order is divided into several parts. A customer gets access to the second part only if he or she releases money for the first part. In such a manner, we guarantee that you’ll get paid for parts completed.

Is there a risk of getting a fine?

We try to provide comfortable conditions for the fruitful cooperation of both sides — our writers and our clients. Thus, we want certain rules and policies to be followed in order to protect the rights of both. If these regulations are adhered to, fines are not applied, as we are always honest with those who choose our service. Every case is considered and double-checked by our Quality Assurance Department, and after a thorough investigation, they make the final decision if the fine is just in a particular situation.

What Our Writers Say About AssignmentShark

Why Choose AssignmentShark

money-bag Total control over your finances

You determine the price of your work by yourself. No hidden fines and unexpected commissions!

calendar Free working schedule

We won’t make you work more or less than you want. You can work at any time and as much as you want — no restrictions!

shopping-bag Guaranteed payments

You won’t have to worry about your paychecks. You’ll get your payments twice a month with the most convenient payment method.

talk Bonuses and awards

We appreciate talented experts and want them to feel special. Our system of bonuses and awards will give you additional motivation!

scale Freedom of choice

You’re the one in control of your work. Only you pick the orders that you want to complete. And only you decide what price to put.

Get assignment writing jobs at AssignmentShark and join our team of professionals!

You are able to start your path toward a career as a technical expert. We offer you the opportunity to work online right from your home. You’ll work on a self-employed, freelance basis.