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What Benefits Our Experts Get

  • Selecting projects you want to work on
  • Choosing your own working hours
  • Getting payments twice a month on a regular basis
  • Communicating with your customer online
  • Working without early wake-up calls
  • Specifying your own price for work
  • Getting quick approval to start your career
  • Controlling your finances fully

What we expect from our applicants

Academic degree

Perfect command of English

Ability to meet deadlines

Excellent analytical and research skills

Self-discipline and motivation

Ability to work as a freelancer

You are able to start your path toward a career as a technical expert. We offer you the opportunity to work online right from your home. You’ll work on a self-employed, freelance basis.

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Freelance Technical Writing Jobs – Find a Remote Job Online

Freelance technical writing jobs are dream jobs for many people. Comfortable home working conditions, your own schedule, and no one commands what, how and when you work. But the whole idyllic picture is spoiled by one important question – where to look for a job? Fears are justified – it's very difficult to find a job immediately, especially if it is highly paid. We will try to solve your problem of finding a job completely.

Freelance technical writing is a difficult thing, depending on many factors: the nature of the character, desire, and psychological stability of a person, his or her professionalism, and even other external factors. This is an excellent, albeit rather tough, opportunity to test yourself. The first steps in freelancing can be difficult and everyone thinks that they need to start with a job search. Perhaps it is true.

The search for technical writing jobs is divided into many components, each of which can be devoted to at least several separate articles. We will generalize and consider the two most important parts – where to look and how to look. If the first question is more or less clear, the second one is less obvious and clear, and most beginner freelancers do not even think about it: “I know where to look for a job and I do not need more.” Meanwhile, searching methods are important and they should not be neglected.

Where to Find Freelance Technical Writing Jobs Online

  • The first thing that comes to mind, and what almost everyone says, is freelance sites, if we talk about remote technical writer jobs on the Internet. In most reviews, the beginning of freelance activities is described as an easy process – you just need to register on the site. Let's see the veracity of such statements.

On these sites, which are centers for the intersection of employers and job seekers, online technical writing jobs can always be found. You can do it if you have good professional skills. Without them, there is nothing to do there, and if you are reading this article, then you are new and you will have to take the job off of freelancers who have been registered on these sites for a long time, have done a lot of work and have a rating reflecting their professionalism and, importantly, customer confidence.

“Is it easy to become a freelancer?” The answer to this question is obvious, but the difficulties are on your path to freedom. Nevertheless, these sites remain in the first place, where it is worth looking for jobs for technical writers. A special niche is occupied by, which offers good benefits for all writers.

  • The next option is to use different portals to find technical writing jobs remote. This way of getting a job for some reason is not considered by many, and in fact they can sometimes find good proposals for remote work and not only for technical professions. But the best choice would be using our service.
  • Local forums are good places where you can get technical writing jobs from home. Advertisements on forums are rather helpful – many users come to get the necessary information or advice, and, seeing the relevant proposals, in many cases, they look through them. And sometimes they make orders, especially if there are good reviews under the ads.

Forums and portals for technical writing project proposal searches significantly expand the generally accepted list of professions, the owners of which can become freelancers. However, if you want to find a highly paid job, you need to contact us. We offer jobs for writers who are knowledgeable in different technical professions.

  • A personal website can turn the entire Internet into a search place for a technical writer, remote jobs can be found easily in this way. Alas, there are pitfalls – the site should be in a good position on the search results. Should we say that not everyone knows how to make websites? In such cases, free sites where you can create your own one-page site can help you. Of course, this is not quite a full site, but it's better than nothing. In any case, it can take a lot of time and we suggest you to register on our site, which will take just a few minutes.

We have identified some places on which to look for a job, and now it's time to figure out how to look for it.

How to Look for a Freelance Technical Writing Job

What does an employer expect by placing the vacancy on their freelance site? It is not necessary to have a special insight to understand – in most cases, this is a combination of “quick time of execution and high-quality work.” Now think, what can a freelancer offer? The answer will be the same – “quick time of execution and high-quality work.” Alas, these are the only things that should come to your mind while you are looking for a job. Many employers are aware of this and are taking advantage of this opportunity. Our site is looking for such experts as well, and unlike other sites, we highly appreciate these traits and offer a good salary to all technical writers.

We believe that quality work should be well-paid. Therefore, it is desirable to have a small but good portfolio, which can reveal all your possibilities to us. On our site, there is always the opportunity of growth in your professional field. At the same time, we guarantee that all assignments that you should do will match your profession.

Talking on the topic of how to find a job for a technical writer, we should mention the possibility of polishing your resume. Most employers are lazy about reading resumes of job seekers, preferring to publish their ads and then responding to letters or calls. But still it makes sense to make a sensible resume. Finding a good job, especially a remote job, can be more difficult without a good CV.

Our Site as Your Future Work Place

Consider as a place for finding a job – there is no need to check unknown sites that haven't gained a good reputation like ours. Our technical writers are fully provided for with orders even during a crisis, when the work is relatively small. At the same time, they do not have websites, do not spend time on publishing resumes and do not use all the ways of job searching that we talked about. They receive orders thanks to the countless students who visit our site. Our technical writers do an excellent job for our company and we want to help as many technical writers find a job as possible. Thus, we are looking for experts who can work quickly and effect high-quality results.

If you were to conclude from all you have read that you cannot become a freelancer in one day, then you would be completely wrong. Of course, it is unlikely that you will get the best orders from the very beginning, but we offer great opportunities to earn good money for all of our technical writers. And if so, then the logical conclusion arises – you should prepare seriously if you want to become a member of our team. Using our service is a good opportunity to combine freelance work with a constant one – you will earn orders completed, will be looking for ways of improving your work and ways of presenting yourself for clients. A freelancer is an active person. Becoming a good freelancer, you can afford to earn even more money.

Freelance work is not easy, and like any profession, you must treat your job with conscience and responsibility. Needless to say that independent work requires special qualities and skills – freelancing is not for everyone. So what person should you be if you are planning to do freelancing activities?

We have combined some requirements accrediting to some observations accumulated over many years of work. Returning to the information above, one cannot but notice one fact — we are looking for a responsible person who has the required knowledge and experience. The ability to communicate with the customer and write technical texts without errors is what we are looking for in our candidates.

Incompetency can scare off a potential customer while you are communicating about the order. But even if it is successful, you don't have to be a visionary to know that such cooperation will not last long. Alas, clumsy orthography is becoming a common thing nowadays. We have seen many illiterate texts written by beginner freelancers and we would like to bring notice to the fact that we are looking only for candidates who write without making mistakes.

It is clear that you should be a master in your sphere of knowledge. All of your works should be done professionally as the customer's grade will depend upon it. Any work should be done with the usage of proper data and material.

If you are ready to join our team of technical writers, feel free to contact us right now!