Solving IP Address Conflict Sample

An IP address conflict occurs when two computers in a network are assigned the same IP address. When this happens, it renders one or both computers unable to connect to a network resource or perform other network operations. Almost all operating systems notify the user via pop-up notification when an IP conflict is detected with another computer. This network problem, although rare, is a very real issue to end-users and network administrators. Continue reading

Introduction to PHP Sample

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server-side scripting language. The result of its operation is shown in the browser as an HTML file. HTML and PHP are tightly connected, and CSS with JavaScript is usually meant to be one set of skills required to create a good web page.

In this sample, the basic script of processing login information will be presented using plain HTML and PHP. Continue reading

Helpful Python Turtle Example

Python Graphics With Turtle

The turtle module in Python is a very simple tool for creating various objects and animations. The idea behind this name is based on real life: a turtle can go forward, backward, right, or left, and when doing so it leaves a trail. It is possible to command a turtle to take up its tail, though no footprint will be visible. In fact, these two sentences explain how everything works here, so let’s see how far we can get. Continue reading