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Astronomy is the science of celestial objects and phenomena that occur outside the Earth’s atmosphere (such as sunshine and cosmic radiation). It focuses on evolution, physics, chemistry, meteorology and the motion of celestial bodies, as well as on the formation and development of universes. In translation from Greek, astronomy is the “law of the stars.” Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences and there are many astronomy questions to ask if you study this discipline.

astronomy questions and answers

Astronomy Questions and Answers

Astronomy test questions can be used while studying the topics “Astronomy,” “Secrets of the Starry Sky,” “Mysteries of the Solar System,” “Cosmonautics Day” and other events.

  • At what point, in the opinion of most astronomers, did TIME, MATTER, and ENERGY appear? (About 13.7 billion years ago, the universe emerged as a result of the Big Bang. At that point, time, matter, and energy appeared. One second after the explosion, the temperature reached 10,000 million degrees – six hundred times higher than the Sun’s temperature.)
  • Which planet of the solar system weighs more than the other planets and moons combined? (Jupiter.)
  • Name the brightest nebula in the starry sky. (The Orion Nebula is the brightest nebula in the sky, and its apparent magnitude is 4. With the naked eye, only the brightest central part of this cloud of gas and celestial dust is visible, located in the “sword” of the constellation Orion.)
  • And what is the most remote object in the universe visible with the naked eye? (The spiral Andromeda galaxy, 2.2 million light-years distant from us.)
  • On which planet of the solar system is the largest cyclone observed? (The red spot on Jupiter is the largest cyclone in the solar system, and its length can reach 40,000, and the width is 14,000 kilometers.)
  • On which planet of the solar system are the fastest winds blowing? (The speed of the wind on the planet Neptune measured in 1989 by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft reached 2,400 kilometers per hour.)
  • What is the hottest place in the solar system? (This is the center of the Sun. Recent studies say that the temperature there is 15.6 billion degrees Celsius.)
  • Which satellite in the solar system is closest to your planet? (The Fobos satellite [“fear”] is 9,378 kilometers away from the center of Mars and 5,981 kilometers from its surface, sixty times closer to Mars than the Moon to Earth.)
  • On which single planet of the solar system do astronomers observe crowns – rounded formations with numerous protrusions? (On Venus, the diameter of Artemis, the largest crown, was 2,100 kilometers. It is not yet known exactly where the crowns come from, but it seems that they are the result of the release of hot magma from the planet’s mantle.)
  • On which planet of the solar system is the largest canyon? (The Mariner Valley on Mars is a canyon 4,500 kilometers long, 600 kilometers wide and 7 kilometers deep.)
  • Which planet of the solar system has a satellite with the densest atmosphere? (Saturn’s largest satellite is Titan, its surface pressure is 1.44 bar, consisting mainly of nitrogen vapors; the atmosphere of Titan is the closest in composition to Earth’s atmosphere.)
  • On the satellite of which planet of the solar system on August 6, 2001, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft recorded a powerful volcanic eruption? (On the satellite of Jupiter, Io. “Galileo” passed through the upper layers of the volcano, flying up 500 kilometers from the surface of the satellite.)
  • Which former planet of the solar system has the largest satellite? (Pluto’s satellite Charon has a diameter of 1,270 kilometers, while Pluto’s diameter is 2,324 kilometers. Some scientists consider the Pluto-Charon system to be a double planet.)

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astronomy test questions

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