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Functional Programming Examples for Practice

Functional Programming. Part II:

The Essence of Functional Programming: Practical Implementation

Part I has discussed the functional programming paradigm in general, with its concepts, differences from the declarative paradigm, and advantages and disadvantages. Though all of this is hard to implement in one language, it is possible to write a program in any programming language using functional style. Here we will observe the practical side of functional programming and try to implement its concepts in Python in simple examples. Continue reading

Solving IP Address Conflict Sample

An IP address conflict occurs when two computers in a network are assigned the same IP address. When this happens, it renders one or both computers unable to connect to a network resource or perform other network operations. Almost all operating systems notify the user via pop-up notification when an IP conflict is detected with another computer. This network problem, although rare, is a very real issue to end-users and network administrators. Continue reading