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Guide on How to Calculate Head Loss

In this guide, we will solve the problem of loss of head in the pipeline and will discuss how to calculate head loss. This sample will help you understand how the flow resistance is going. On real numbers, we will describe the algorithm for how to do this. We use the basic formulas. We will examine a simple example with a pipe, as seen in the image at the beginning of the sample. After you read through our example, you will know how to calculate head loss.

By the end of the sample, you will understand how to deal with your own assignment. The guide is quite simple, so you can easily use it to solve your problem. In general, there is not an easy way to recognize the head loss, but our example presents the most basic one. The method that is presented in the sample is offered by an expert in engineering. Let’s find out what this method is! Continue reading

Simple Head Loss Calculation Example

Calculation of water head loss in the pipeline is very simple. In the head loss calculation example, we will consider in detail the calculation options. For hydraulic calculation of the pipeline, you can use the hydraulic calculator of the pipeline. From school physics lessons it is clear that the water flowing through the pipes, in any case, experiences resistance. The magnitude of this resistance depends on the flow velocity, the diameter of the pipe and the smoothness of its internal surface. The lower the resistance, the lower the flow speed and the greater the diameter and smoothness of the pipe. All these are taken into account while making head loss calculations.

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Ansys Fluent Module – A Guide in Engineering

Task: Gain basic knowledge of how to work with Ansys Fluent module by example from the problem shown below.

The problem is shown schematically in the figure below. A cold fluid at 293.15 K flows into the pipe through a large inlet and mixes with a warmer fluid at 313.15 K that enters through a smaller inlet located at the elbow. The mixing elbow configuration is encountered in piping systems in power plants and process industries. It is often important to predict the flow field and temperature field in the area of the mixing region in order to properly design the junction. Continue reading

A Guide on How to Use Ansys Fluent

ANSYS FLUENT is a powerful tool for optimizing the process of design and technological preparation in the field of computational dynamics of liquids and gases. The ANSYS FLUENT software module has a wide range of capabilities for simulating fluid and gas flows for industrial applications, taking into account turbulence, heat transfer, and chemical reactions. FLUENT simulates tasks such as combustion in furnaces, flow within the bubble column, external flow of oil platforms, flow in the circulatory system, convective cooling of the semiconductor assembly, ventilation in rooms, and modeling of industrial wastewater. Specialized models of combustion, aeroacoustics, rotating/fixed calculation areas, and multiphase flows seriously expand the scope of application of the base product. If you want to know how to use ANSYS FLUENT, check out the following sample.

Our example allows even beginners in engineering to achieve good results in their own assignments. It offers a comprehensive solution for students who don’t know how to do their tasks. The samples fully explain how to use ANSYS FLUENT. This example allows a student to deal with his or her assignment much faster and easier, otherwise they can get help with assignment from us. So, read through the guide right now! Continue reading

Check Out One of Our ANSYS Fluent Examples

ANSYS Fluent is the most powerful tool for computational fluid dynamics, allowing to accelerate and deepen the process of developing and improving the efficiency of any products whose work is somehow connected with the flows of liquids and gases. It contains a wide range of carefully verified models that provide fast, accurate results for a variety of hydro and gas dynamics problems. Fluent offers a wide range of models for describing currents, turbulence, heat transfer, and chemical reactions, allowing to simulate a wide range of processes: from the flow around the wing of the aircraft to combustion in the furnace of the CHP boiler; from the bubble flow in the bubble column to the wave load on the oil platform; from the blood flow in the artery to the precipitation of metal vapors in the production of semiconductors; from data center ventilation to the flow in the treatment plant.

The task of dealing with ANSYS Fluent is faced by many engineering students, and we offer you to check out one of the ANSYS Fluent examples to help you out. In all ANSYS Fluent examples that you can find on our blog, you will see solutions to your problems. So, read through our guide right now! Continue reading

Multisim Circuit Examples: DC Sweep and Transient Analysis

If you are attending engineering classes, you will probably face an assignment that will ask you to create a simulation of a certain circuit in Multisim. While Multisim has an intuitive and simple interface, technologies used to create high-quality simulations are quite difficult. In the following Multisim circuit examples you will learn how to construct a particular circuit using DC sweep and transient analysis.

We advise you to read our Multisim circuit examples with a high attention to detail. We have supported this sample with detailed instructions and screenshots to show you how the result looks on the screen. If you have just started using the Multisim software, we recommend you to read the functionality overview on our blog. Continue reading

Engineering Step-by-Step Guide: Cantilever Beam Analysis

Assignments during your engineering classes may be sometimes hard, which is why we are here to share with you our knowledge and help you with your homework. One of our writers has picked the topic connected with cantilever beam analysis using Ansys Workbench and created a step-by-step guide to describe the right solution. All samples that you can find on our website are totally free and written by our expert writers.

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Two-Dimension Mesh Convergence in Ansys Workbench

One of our experts has volunteered to help you in your engineering classes and has created a small step-by-step guide for you. In the following sample, you can learn how to create a simple two-dimensional mesh convergence in Ansys Workbench to stimulate the boundary layer on a flat plate.

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