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Solution of Differential Equation for a Tank Problem

A tank contains 2,500 liters of water in which 5 kg of salt is dissolved at the initial time. The solution drains from the tank at a rate of 100 l/min and another water solution (with 10 g of salt per 1 l of water) enters the tank at the same rate. Assume that the solution is well stirred (the salt concentration is the same everywhere in the tank). What is the equation for finding the amount of salt at any time? Draw the plot. Determine the time when there will be 20 kg of salt in the tank. Continue reading

Spectral Graph Theory Sample

The spectral graph theory studies the properties of graphs by means of an analysis of eigenvalues / eigenvectors / of characteristic polynomials of matrices that are connected with graphs (conjugacy matrix, Laplace matrix, unsigned Laplace matrix, etc.). The theory was actively developed in the 1970s, but now finds application in the analysis of graphs of social networks. The theory is related to the detection of communities and the partitioning of graphs. The sample that you will find below will be devoted to theoretical aspects (even proofs), and will be useful for applicants to understand why certain methods of generating features (based on spectra) are working. Continue reading

Histogram Example for Math Students

The histogram example is used to display the interval series. In order to construct a histogram from the data of the variational series at equal intervals, as for the construction of the polygon, the values of the argument are plotted on the abscissa axis and the frequencies or relative frequencies are plotted on the ordinate. Next, rectangles are constructed whose bases are segments of the abscissa, whose lengths are equal to the lengths of the intervals, and the heights are segments whose lengths are proportional to the frequencies or relative frequencies of the corresponding intervals. Continue reading

Check Out a Bolted Joint Calculation Example

A joint calculation is performed in the case where it is required to give a quantitative estimate of the degree of curvilinearity of the correlation relation, while determining the coefficient of determination r2 and the point of the empirical line. If you need to do some calculations, our bolted joint calculation example will help you.

Start doing your assignment from reading through our example of bolted joint calculations. After that, you can deal with your task easily. The results will be much better if you decide to use the example. It is necessary to understand the topic in order to complete the assignment successfully, and our sample can help with that. You can also check out other samples presented on our blog, which can help with assignments for different disciplines. Each of the examples is done by an expert in the field. Read through our example to deal with your joint calculations easily. Continue reading

Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm Example

Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm finds the shortest paths between all nodes of the graph. In this article we will describe the operation principle of Dijkstra’s algorithm, which finds optimal routes. The disadvantage of this algorithm is that it will not work correctly if the graph has negative edge weights. In this tutorial you can read Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm example. The author has solved a particular task and provided a vivid description of the solution. Following each step you will be able to solve a similar solution by yourself with ease.
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Multisim Examples: Quick Functionality Overview Part I

Simulation is a mathematical technique for emulating circuit behavior. Simulation helps to define many properties of the circuit without assembling the circuit or using real devices. Nowadays, a lot of software is designed to ease the work of the engineer. Today we want to introduce you to the program of the company National Instruments – NI Multisim. In this article, we’ll look at the simplest examples of modeling electrical circuits using Multisim. This program will be useful both for students that need to solve problems in electrical engineering and electronics, and for teachers for scientific activities. While the interface of the program is quite simple, you will need some time to understand how to use it to the fullest. To help you, we have created Multisim examples that show a quick functionality overview.

You can find many Multisim examples on our blog, as well as receieve help with your assignment. Each sample has a variety of screenshots and descriptions of actions that you need to complete the task successfully. Check out the sample below right away! Continue reading

Generating White Gaussian Noise Using Randn Function in Matlab

Matlab is a great tool for conducting scientific and engineering calculations. This software has a great number of toolboxes that gives a wide variety of possible operations. In the following article we are going to talk about generating white Gaussian noise using Randn function and plot it. If you are just learning how to use Matlab, our guide should help. Besides you can check other samples available on our blog and find more essential information for your engineering classes.

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An Example of Swap Without Temp

Here is a solution to the problem of swap without temp. Now a similar problem that a student may have can be solved as follows in our example. If our sample has made a good impression on you then you should consider getting help from Our expert will follow all of your requirements and academic standards while dealing with your order. Next, we should mention that we are available 24/7, so you can get our help any time you need.

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