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Solved Problems in Physics: Classical Mechanics

Physics assignment

Classical mechanics

Problem statement

Particles with two different masses m and M are located along a linear harmonic chain
of infinite length. The chain has a force constant k (see the picture below). The
distance between two particles with the same mass is equilibrium and equals to a.
qj and rj are the deviations of particles mj and Mj from their equilibrium positions respectively. Continue reading

Sample Paper of Physics

Problem 1.

An athlete participates in a 200 meter race. He or she starts at rest and accelerates at constant acceleration for 5 seconds. After that, the velocity of the athlete is constant until the end. Find the distance and speed of the athlete at the 5th second from the start. Suppose it takes 15 seconds for the athlete to run the entire distance of the race. Find the value of the acceleration. Continue reading