DAO Pattern in Java Sample

DAO Pattern in Java

In order to continue the topic of database connectivity in Java, it is necessary to look at the DAO pattern, which facilitates operation with the database.

The main idea of the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern is to hide all backend operations of the connection to the database and unite them in one main class. This may be necessary when the program consists of multiple entities interconnected with each other, and it would be very complex and of poor practice to make connection from each entity every time.

At this point it is necessary to create some templates of code written once and executed from different places of the program. To better understand how it is set up, let’s proceed to an example.

Imagine we have a staff that is a table storing primitive information about each member of the company (name, email, status). In order to separate the operations of connecting to the database and creating and executing statements, they are hardcoded in the methods of the appropriate classes. We have the interface staffDAO, which contains function prototypes that are overridden in the staffDAOImpl class.

Also, the connection method is separated into individual classes in order to get easy access whenever necessary.

The program can insert, update, and delete members in the database.

This example

java dao pattern

is quite ordinary but it helps with understanding how the DAO pattern works.

Code Listing

Class for establishing connection

java dao pattern example

Main class of the entire program

java dao pattern sample

Code Output

java dao pattern analyzed

Entity class for Staff

java dao pattern assignment analyzed

java dao pattern task completed

Interface StaffDAO

dao pattern in java

Implementation of methods of the interface

dao pattern in java sample

dao pattern in java example

dao pattern in java task completed

dao pattern in java

dao design pattern in java example

dao design pattern in java example analyzed

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