Design Patterns Assignment Sample


Describe the following software design pattern: Abstract Factory


In this sample we will provide a description of Abstract Factory software design pattern. First of all, it deals with objects know as “factories”, which is (in terms of object-oriented programming) an object used for creating other objects.


Abstract Factory


What Abstract Factory pattern does is: providing an encapsulation to a group of individual factory objects. The classes of such factory objects would not be specified (hence Abstract), but they must still have something in common in order to justify being encapsulated together. This construction typically allows the user to create concrete objects for his own needs by using generic interface provided by Abstract Factory.

Once everything is set, the user (which may happen to not be the initial author of the code, but rather the client) may care little about what’s inside the initial Abstract Factory class, which ones of internal factory objects are used, and how everything works in the first place. In other words, client’s code is insulated from Abstract Factory code and object creation process.

In this class diagram, we can see that the client refers to a pair of interfaces called GUIFactory and Button, forcing the Abstract Factory to use appropriate concrete factories (encapsulated inside Abstract Factory) in order to create concrete objects (WinButton or OSXButton respectively), to which Abstract Factor returns abstract pointers the client can use to access them.

GUIFactory and Button

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