Differential Equations for Mechanical Pendulum Oscillations

The main goal of this paper is to analyze the mechanical oscillations of a pendulum using MATLAB software.

There are two main types of mechanical oscillations: frictionless and damped oscillations.

The governing differential equation for frictionless oscillations is:

pendulum oscillation

The governing differential equation for damped oscillations is:

pendulum oscillation assignment

The trapezoidal and Euler methods will be used for the numerical solution by the MATLAB software.

The code is shown below:

pendulum oscillation example

pendulum oscillation sample

pendulum oscillation sample completed

pendulum oscillation task analyzed

example of pendulum oscillation

pendulum oscillation project


mechanical oscillations differential equations

damped oscillation equation matlab
As can be seen, the Euler rule provides a more accurate solution than the trapezoidal rule. The damped amplitude of oscillations decreases dramatically, while frictionless oscillations have an infinite time of oscillation and amplitude decrement is absent for them.

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