How to Build Desktop Computer on a Tiny Budget

Don’t know how to build a desktop computer which will be affordable and powerful enough both for programming and gaming? You don’t need to puzzle over it. Our expert has prepared some information in the sample which you can read below.

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How to Build an Inexpensive and Powerful Computer

I have conducted research on modern computer parts and found out which details are perfect for building a great PC without spending a lot of money.

At the moment I am a student in the IT field, so I chose a computer mostly for educational purposes. But I’m also somewhat addicted to video games, so I would like to avoid having a low-performance PC.

Nowadays computers develop rapidly. Even the quickest and most expensive computer is a short-lived pleasure, and usually not justifying the money spent. The price of a modern gaming computer does not change from year to year and is around $2000, but the components of this computer will be updated no less than once a quarter. An office computer was worth about $800 10 years ago, and today it costs the same. As a result, choosing a middle ground and relying on the knowledge of sellers and the money I have is the best choice. With this in mind I managed to stay within the budget.

I‘ve included the main parts of the computer to the Excel spreadsheet. In my opinion, they are Processor, Motherboard, ROM, RAM, Monitor, and OS.

In general, it is required to buy a processor, motherboard, hard drive, computer case, cooling system, video card, RAM, keyboard, mouse, sound card and sound system, DVD drive, monitor, and OS. I’ve included only the main parts of my spreadsheet which are listed above.

For the OS I decided to choose Windows 10 as it’s more convenient for me. I have been familiar with Windows since childhood and it fully satisfies my requirements.

The website has been down, so I decided to use a similar website called It shows prices in British pounds, so I used an online converter.

The main thing in the computer is its processor, so I started my search for it. I think that the most popular and best processor manufacturers are AMD and Intel.

I will not say that AMD is better, but AMD usually provides the same performance for a cheaper price. So I decided to choose the AMD A10-7890K processor, which costs $149 on

Although usually the motherboards for AMD are somewhat more expensive than motherboards for Intel processors, I managed to find a good motherboard which is compatible with this processor for an even cheaper price than the one for the Intel processor. It is called MSI A88XI AC V2.

When it comes to hard drives, I prefer SSD drives. They are much faster than HDD drives, and if you buy a good processor and a good amount of RAM, you should have an SSD drive to unleash the power of your PC.

However, SSD drives are really expensive, and the more space you want the more money you will spend. So I decided to buy both SSD (Samsung SSD 850) and HDD (Hitachi GST Deskstar 7K2000) drives. I will install the OS and programs on the SSD drive so they will run fast, and I will store information on the HDD drive.

The modern PC should have at least 8GB of RAM, but if you want to be sure your PC will not be obsolete in a year, you should buy 16 GB. The motherboard I chose has 4 slots for RAM, so I decided to buy 4 slots at 4GB each (G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) (x2)).

As mentioned before, sometimes I like to play video games on PC, so I would like to have a big and good monitor. That’s why I chose Acer K272HUL. I’ve compared it with AOC G2770PQU and my choice is better and cheaper.

I can surely say I’m glad I’ve conducted this analysis.


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