How to Find the Square Root Using Binary Search

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Using Binary Search to Find the Square Root

We need to implement a method of finding the square root without using the available functions of exponentiation and root extraction.


From school mathematics we remember that the square root function is increasing throughout its region of definition (if you don’t remember or it’s not obvious, you can take the derivative and make sure it is greater than zero), which means we can use the algorithm of binary search.

Let’s assume we need to extract the square root from the number x. So we set the left border of the binary search on 0 and the right on max(1, x). In this condition we will consider all possible cases: on the interval 0..1 the root of a number is greater than the number, and in the interval 1..inf — less than the number.

Now let’s find the arithmetic mean of the boundaries, call it m, and check out if m * m is bigger than x. If so, the desired answer is on the number line to the left of m, and therefore, it is necessary to make m the right border of the binary search, otherwise — left. After a few hundred iterations, we will find the square root by satisfying all the needs of accuracy.

So here’s the implementation of the function which will find the square root using C++:

#include <math.h>

#include <time.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <sys/time.h>

#include <iostream>

#define E 1e-4

float findSqrt(float x){

if(x < 0){

std::cout << “Error in the input x” << std::endl;

return -1;


float a = 1;

float b = x;

if(x < 1){

a = x;

b = 1;


float m = (a + b) / 2;

float error = m * m – x;

while(fabs(error) > E){

4 if(error > 0){

b = m;


a = m;


m = (a + b) / 2;

error = m * m – x;


return m;


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