Information Technology Assignment: Lee (Wave) Pathfinding Algorithm

Lee’s algorithm is a path finding algorithm and is one reasonable solution for maze routing. It’s usually used in computer design systems to create routes for wires on printed boards.

Let’s look at the use of the algorithm on these pictures.

We need to associate cell1 with cell2:


There are 3 stages to do this:

Distinguish the “Source” and “Target” pins for cell1 and cell2 and make Routing network. Presently, the information streams from cell1 to cell2, which means that cell1 is the source “S” and the cell2 is the target “T”.


In light of the separation of wavefront, from ‘S’, the adjoining lattice boxes are logically filled until it hits target node “T”.




The shortest and the least bypassed way is back-following from “T” to “S”:




Lee’s Algorithm ensures there is a legitimate way, and that it’s the briefest way.

In any case, this algorithm takes too much time and memory. There are more efficient algorithms like Line Search Algorithm, Steiner Algorithm, etc.

Screenshot of the implementation:


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