IT System: Example of ERP Database for HR Department

One of our experts has described the planning database for human resources of an enterprise. The ERP database system includes several components that help manage human resources in an enterprise: the maintenance of personnel records, working time, calculation of payments, traveling expenses, management of data about candidates, and many others. In this sample you can also check the ER-diagram.

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Planning Database for the Human Resources of the Enterprise

The department of labor and wages plans the demand for workers with different specialties and qualifications on the basis of specifications of products and schedules of the production.

Input information:

  • The production department gives the specifications of the product and the need, in hours, for workers of different professions and places in the context of workshops and production units for each product.
  • The planning department generates the schedule of output, which contains the planned number of products of each type for each date.
  • The department of labor and wages sends the monthly plan of requirements, workshops, specializations, and qualifications to management.

We need to determine relationships between sets of entities and construct an ER model for the database.

The main function of the department of labor and wages is the distribution of the workforce of the workshops, and the implementation schedule for each type of product.


  • Workshop code
  • Production
  • Date
1 2 3 4




  • Speciality
  • Workers
1 2 3


                    Manpower requirements

  • Worker’s name
  • Qualification
  • Time for the product
  • Workshop code
1 2 3 4 5



1 2



№ п/п
  • Product
  • Price
1 2 3



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