Make Sure You Understand Statistics Questions and Answers

In modern society, statistics plays an important role in the mechanism of economic management. It carries out collection, scientific processing, generalization and analysis of information characterizing the development of the country’s economy, the standard of living of the population and other social phenomena and processes. If you study this subject and your exam is approaching, then you need answers for statistics objective questions for competitive exams.

statistics questions and answers

Statistics Questions and Answers

If you want to get statistics final exam questions and answers to them, first of all, you should know about statistics. Statistics consists of a series of figures that characterize various aspects of the life of the state. Statistics contains the kind of practical activities of people whose purpose is the collection, processing and analysis of information.

Also, you should know what the object of study in statistics is before dealing with other mcqs in statistics with answers. The object of study for statistics is society, its processes and patterns of development.

Statistics as a science is an integral system of scientific disciplines:

  • General theory of statistics develops the theory of statistical research, which is the methodological basis of other branches of statistics.
  • Socio-economic statistics (macroeconomic statistics) uses methods of general statistical theory, studies the quantitative side of socio-economic phenomena and processes at the level of the national economy.
  • Mathematical statistics and probability theory studies random quantities and the laws of their distribution.
  • The subject of international statistics is the quantitative aspect of the phenomena and processes of foreign countries and international organizations.
  • The subject of industry statistics is the quantitative aspect of the activities of various industries (statistics of industry and agriculture).

The general theory of statistics opens the course of studying statistical disciplines. It is a fundamental discipline for studying industrial statistics, and it creates a foundation for the assimilation and application of statistical methods of analysis. Tests where you need to deal with statistics multiple choice questions and answers usually have questions about statistics theory.

The general theory of statistics is the science of the most general principles and methods of statistical research of socio-economic phenomena, and it solves other social issues. It develops a system of categories and considers methods for collecting, summarizing and analyzing statistical data.

The general theory of statistics is the methodological basis of all branch statistics.

In presenting the basics of statistical theory, it is proposed to study the following questions:

  • The subject, methods and tasks of statistics and its relation to economic theory and some other related disciplines.
  • A system of statistical indicators and classifications used in economic statistics, their content and scope, the relationship between indicators and classifications of statistics.
  • The most important areas of statistical analysis based on economic and financial data.
  • The main sources of primary data and the basics of the formation of the statistical base.

The subject of statistics is the size and ratio of qualitatively defined socio-economic phenomena, and the laws of their connection and development in specific conditions of place and time.

The subjects of statistics (statistics studies):

  • Mass social phenomena and their dynamics with the help of statistical indicators. The requirement of massiveness is due to the action of the large numbers law – with a large number of observations, the actions of random signs are intertwined (number of population, number of products produced).
  • Quantitative and qualitative phenomena (digital coverage of social events).
  • The quantitative aspect of social phenomena in indissoluble connection with their qualitative content. It observes the process of the transition of quantitative changes to qualitative ones (regularities).
  • The development of the phenomenon in time (dynamics).

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mcqs of statistics with answers

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