Mechanical Engineering Problem

Problem Description:

A cold fluid with temperature of 300 K through a large inlet flows into the pipe, and mixes a
warmer fluid at 320 K which penetrates the pipe through a smaller inlet at the elbow. See the picture below.


Figure 1. Problem statement


  1. Creating of a Fluid Flow Analysis System in ANSYS
    1. Start ANSYS Workbench;
    2. Create a new fluid flow analysis system;
    3. Rename the project;
    4. Save the project;
  2. Creating the Geometry using ANSYS DesignModeler
    1. Start ANSYS DesignModeler;
    2. Select the units;
    3. Create the geometry, as shown in the Figure 2 below;


Figure 2. Elbow

2.4. Select the geometry to be a fluid body;
2.5. Close ANSYS DesignModeler.

3. Meshing the Geometry using the ANSYS Meshing Application

3.1. Open the Meshing application in ANSYS;
3.2. Create named selections for the geometry boundaries (see Figure 3 below);


Figure 3.

3.3 Create the Mesh as shown in the Figure 4 below;


Figure 4.

3.4 Close the Meshing application.

4. Setting Up the CFD Simulation in ANSYS FLUENT

4.1 Start ANSYS SETUP;
4.2 Set up models for the CFD simulation: energy – energy equation; viscous – k-epsilon;
4.3 Set up the materials: Fluid – water;
4.4. Set up the cell zone conditions for CFD simulation;
4.5 Set up boundary conditions;
4.6 Set up solution parameters for the CFD simulation;
4.7 Run calculation (see the result on the Figure 5 below).


Figure 5.

5. Displaying of Results

5.1. In result section select contours, velocity, symmetry, check ‘Filed’. (see results on the
Figure 6 below);


Figure 6.

5.2 Repeat the previous step for the temperature (see results on the Figure 7 below).


Figure 7.

6. Close the ANSYS FLUENT application.

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