Minimax Algorithm Example

Hello! Today I want to teach you how to always win in tic tac toe game and show you the implementation of the C++ code!

You should start from the corner:
You should start from the corner

The essence of this strategy is that “X” performs the first move not to the central cell, but into the corner. In this case, the toe has several options.

Option 1: “toe” goes to the center. This option is most likely for both skilled, and for inexperienced players for the reasons that are described in the preceding article. In this case, the player with “X” is offered to put the figure in the opposite corner from the first move. Now comes the second move of toe, which will be decisive. If the toe puts the figure in the non-corner cell, the cross has to be protected, and the game is likely to end in a draw. And if the toe takes a corner cell, in this case, the “cross” appears a win-win strategy: the opportunity to “plug”, taking the remaining angle. This sequence of actions is as follows:


Option 2: “toe” geos to the side. In this case, the “crosses” from the first stroke have a winning strategy: you need to make a move to the center, forcing the “toe” to defend itself, and then turn the corner to get a “plug”. This tactic is shown below:


Option 3: “toe” goes to the adjacent corner. In this case, the situation is similar to the first option, but the “crosses” from the first stroke have a winning strategy: turn two “crosses” the opposite of his first stroke angle, then “toe” protected way in the center, “the crosses” occupy the remaining angle. And voila: “fork” of crosses on two lines. Such a scheme of action is described below:


Option 4: Toe goes to the opposite corner. In this case, it’s hard to find a winning strategy, and crosses still only rely on the draw.

What should toe do?

In the case where the “crosses” are beginning to play the course in a corner, “toe” can not commit a fatal error, that is to put the figure in the side or in the adjacent corner. In this case, the loss is almost inevitable. The most appropriate strategy is to move in the opposite corner, or move to the central cell. However, in the last version it is important not to take a second course of angular and lateral box by going on the attack.

C++ code:

C++ code











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