Python JSON Example: Direct Import

Direct Import From JSON to Python

In this guide, I will show you how to import JSON files as if they were usual Python modules.

The “json-sempai” module allows you to write this, and it will work:

import json_file

And if json_file.json exists and is available, it will be connected as if it was an ordinary Python module.


Create the file test.json somewhere in some accessible place for Python:

"1": "2",
"3": {
"5": {
"5": "6"

Now import jsonsempai and your json file:

>>> from jsonsempai import magic

>>> import test

>>> test

<module 'test' from 'test.json'>

>>> test.1


>>> test.3.4.5



You can also use the context manager:

>>> import jsonsempai

>>> with jsonsempai.imports():

...     import test

>>> test

<module 'test' from 'test.json'>

Python packages are also supported:

$ tree


└── python_package

   ├── file.json


   └── nested_package


       └── second.json

>>> from jsonsempai import magic

>>> from python_package import file

>>> file

<module 'python_package.file' from 'python_package/file.json'>

>>> import python_package.nested_package.second

>>> python_package.nested_package.second

<module 'python_package.nested_package.second' from 'python_package/nested_package/second.json'>

You can install it using pip:

$ pip install json-sempai
And delete:

$ pip uninstall json-sempai
Thanks for your attention!

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