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The subject of taxation consists of objects of the material world, with the existence of which the law relates the occurrence of tax obligations. Objects of taxation can be both objects of the material world and intangible goods. If you study income tax and need to pass an exam, you need to know where to find income tax test questions answers.

income tax test questions answers

MCQ on Income Tax With Answers

  • What is the object of taxation? The object of taxation is the legal facts that condition the taxpayer’s duty to pay the tax. Initially, in the Middle Ages, the object of taxation was the individual taxpayer, who was the basis for calculating the poll tax. This tax is still levied in some countries, for example, in the UK and Japan.

  • What is the difference between the object and subject of taxation? The object and subject of taxation are categories that are not identical. If the subject of taxation is, as a rule, the real thing (car, apartment, land), then the object of taxation is legal fact. Legal facts are understood as circumstances (events, actions, states) with which the rule of law is associated with the onset of legal consequences. In this case, such a circumstance will be the presence of the subject of taxation, and the legal effect is the duty to pay tax.
  • What is the object of taxation according to the law on income tax? The law on income tax establishes that the object of taxation is the aggregate income of an individual received in a calendar year. However, the question remains on what is meant by the income of an individual, since the law itself does not provide a definition of the concept of “income.” It seems that income should be considered material wealth (as a rule, it is material benefit in one form or another) received by individuals from other persons as a result of their labor, entrepreneurial or other independent activity, and also on other grounds and improves their financial situation. Thus, income includes wages and remuneration for the performance of work or the provision of services, money received from the sale of property, donated property, payment by the enterprise for training its employees, free services, etc.
  • What is the restriction of a taxation object? When determining the object of taxation as a legal fact, it is necessary to determine its boundaries. “Restriction” of an object is a necessary principle of legal technique when formulating a specific rule of law. Proceeding from the practice of building tax legislation, it is possible to distinguish three rules of restriction:
  1. by the subject
  2. by the territory
  3. by design
  • What are the objects of taxation? Objects of taxation can be divided into:
  1. the rights.
  2. activities and their results. Among the rights as objects of taxation, it is possible to allocate the rights of property and non-property.
  • What are the property rights?

Property rights (rights to property objects) consist of:

– ownership (land, cars, property of the enterprise).
– the right to use (land, etc.).

Non-property rights (rights to non-property objects) consist of:

– the right to use (the name “USA,” local symbols, etc.).
– the right to engage in certain activities (licensing fees).

  • What are the actions of the subject? Actions of the subject are:

exportation or importation into the territory of the country (customs duty).
sale of goods (excises).
operations with securities, etc.

  • What is the activity of the subject? Activity of the subject is:

extraction of minerals (payments for the right to use subsoil), etc.

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