Statistics Assignment Sample: Discriminant Analysis

Problem statement:

Perform discriminant analysis on the results of measuring the length and width of iris flowers (SEPALLEN, SEPALWD, PETALLEN, PATELWD); identify the type of iris (SETOSA, VERSICOL, VIRGINIC) using Statistica software.

Data for the research:


As a Grouping Variable, we choose IRISTYPE.

As Independent Variables, we choose SEPPALEN, SEPALWD, PETALLEN, PETALWD.

The results of discriminant analysis:


Number of variables in the model = 4;

Wilks’ Lambda = 0.0234

Approximate value of the F-statistics = 199.1454

The final table of data analysis:


The separation of the three types of iris:


Classification functions built stepwise using the forward method:



Mahalanobis distance:



Posterior probability table:


Classification functions built using the standard method:


As we can see, the classification functions built using the standard method and classification functions built stepwise using the forward method are identical:

Forward method:


Standard method:


It means that our research has been done correctly.

Thanks for your attention!

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