Use Our Computer Architecture Exam Questions and Solutions

The architecture of the computer is understood to contain its own form of logical organization, structure and resources, i.e. the means of the computer system, which can be allocated to processing data for certain time intervals. If you decide to study this discipline, you should understand that you will be faced with different computer architecture questions.

computer architecture exam questions

Computer Architecture Exam Questions and Solutions

When dealing with computer architecture exam questions, you should know the principles which are laid down in the basis for building the majority of computers. These principles are as follows:

  1. The principle of program management (the program consists of a set of instructions that are automatically executed by the processor one by one in a certain sequence).
  2. The principle of uniformity of memory (programs and data are stored in the same memory, you can perform the same actions on commands as on data).
  3. The principle of targeting (the main memory structurally consists of numbered cells).

Computers built on these principles have a classical architecture.

While studying, you will face computer architecture exam questions related to the principle of operation, information connections and interconnection of the main logical nodes of the computer:

  • the central processor
  • the main memory
  • external memory
  • peripherals

The main electronic components that determine the architecture of the processor are placed on the motherboard of the computer, which is called the system or motherboard. Controllers and adapters of additional devices, or these devices themselves, are executed in the form of expansion cards (daughter board) and connected to the bus by means of expansion slots.

While dealing with computer organization and architecture questions, you should know what determines the computer architecture. The computer architecture is usually determined by the totality of its properties, essential for the user. The main attention is paid to the structure and functional capabilities of the machine, which can be divided into main and additional ones.

The main functions determine the purpose of the computer: processing and storing information, and exchanging information with external objects. Additional functions increase the efficiency of main functions: they provide effective modes of its operation, dialogue with the user, high reliability, etc. The named functions of the computer are realized with the help of its components: hardware and software.

The structure of the computer is a certain model that establishes the composition, order and principles of the interaction of its components. A personal computer is a desktop or portable computer that meets the requirements of universality of application.

Advantages of the PC are:

  • Low cost, which is within the limits of availability for an individual buyer.
  • Autonomy of operation without special requirements to environmental conditions.
  • Flexibility of architecture, ensuring its adaptability to various applications in the field of management, science, education, and at home.
  • “Friendliness” of the operating system and other software, which allows the user to work with it without special training.
  • High reliability of work.

The main functional characteristics of a personal computer are:

  1. Performance, speed, clock speed. The performance of modern computers is usually measured in millions of operations per second.
  2. Bit microprocessor and interface busbars. Digit is the maximum number of digits of a binary number over which a machine operation can simultaneously be performed, including the operation of transferring information. The higher the bit capacity is, the more, besides other things being equal, the performance of the PC is.
  3. Types of system and local interfaces. Different types of interfaces provide different speeds of information transfer between the nodes of the machine, allowing you to connect a different number of external devices and their different types.

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