Addiction to Social Networking Sites Sample

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the booming areas of computer science. Almost all sectors such as finance and healthcare use artificial intelligence for better productivity. The impact of artificial intelligence, however, is not confined within these industries.

Our day-to-day activities are also being influenced by artificial intelligence and machine learning. What we see in our news feed is determined by the complex algorithms designed by the engineers of tech giants such as Google and Facebook, which ultimately determines our daily activities. Hundreds of researchers work together to understand how human psychology works; they help design the system in such a way that users spend more time online. As a result, most of us fall prey to the strategy of social networking sites and get addicted to them.

Social media addiction can be very detrimental to personal growth and creativity. And not using any form of social media does not seem like a good idea in this era of globalization. What can be the proper solution to this problem? I believe digital literacy and wise usage of social media can help us minimize the impact of social media addiction. The systems are designed in such a way that we get addicted to social media in a very subtle manner. We need to understand that networking sites will entice us subtly, and thus, we should put conscious effort to avoid using them unnecessarily. Also, we can use the time tracker feature available in some platforms such as YouTube, and know the exact amount of time we spend daily using these applications. The feature acts as a good reminder to us. Above all, we should be aware of the pros and cons of using social media and stay updated regarding the recent trends in the information technology sector.

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