The Algorithm of Pyramid Sort

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The Algorithm of Pyramidal Sorting

In this guide, we will sort the one-dimensional array using the pyramidal algorithm, and determine the performance indicators of the algorithm: the number of comparisons and the number of permutations of the elements.

The pyramid is a tree in which each node has at most two descendants, and the node is always greater or equal to its descendants (thus the largest element is always on top of the pyramid).

If the original array has n elements, then the last (n / 2) elements become the foundation of the pyramid.

It is convenient to place the pyramid in the array. Thus each element of the array a[i] must be greater than or equal to elements a[2 * i + 1] and a[2 * i + 2] so each node of the pyramid will be larger than its descendants.

During the sorting, we move the maximum element into the end of the array, then exclude it from the further sorting process. Since the maximum element is always at the top of the pyramid, we must swap the elements a[0] and a[n-1] (the last element). Next, we will consider the array only up to the (n-2)-th element.

Project structure, code, and sample program execution pyramidal sorting:

Programs.cs file:

PyramidSorting.cs file:

Project architecture:

Sample execution:


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