How to Create a Stored Procedure in SQL Language

Creating and Using Stored Procedures in the SQL Language

In this guide, we will learn how to create and use the stored procedures in Transact-SQL and PL/SQL languages.

A call to a stored procedure that returns a parameter

We call a system stored procedure that returns a set of characteristics of the database and returns code for the database subject field. The results of the procedure are included in the report:

EXECUTE @return = sp_helpdb 'CD'
PRINT 'The sp returned: ' + CONVERT(CHAR(10), @return)

Maintenance of the database by using stored procedures

  • Check the database subject area for physical errors using the DBCC utility (DBCC CHECKDB).
  • Compress the database, and free up unused blocks by using the system utilities DBCC (DBCC SHRINKDATABASE).
  • Update statistics (DB indexes) for all user tables to speed up data selection from the database using the stored procedure sp_updatestats.


EXEC sp_updatestats

Creation of the custom stored procedure

  • Translate all the names of the dictionary in uppercase using the stored procedure.
  • In both options include the contents of the table, sequence of operations, and the ultimate meaning of the table in the original report.
IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sysobjects
		   WHERE name = 'CD' AND type = 'P')

UPDATE Clients SET Company = UPPER(Company)


Creation of the custom stored procedures for analyzing database structure

Create a stored procedure that prints the lists of the user tables, views, SQL DML triggers and CHECK-constraints, and returns the total number of displayed objects through the parameter using SELECT.

	SELECT COUNT(type) AS Number, type AS TType FROM sysobjects
	WHERE (type = 'V' OR type = 'U' OR type = 'TR' OR type = 'C')
	GROUP BY type 

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