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Biostatistics consists of statistical information, as well as methods in which special recommendations are used for studying health issues and social problems. Biostatistics covers, overlaps and to some extent is analogous to vital statistics (e.g. fertility and mortality) and demography. If you need to pass an exam in this discipline, you need to know what biostatistics test questions you will get.

biostatistics multiple choice questions and answers

Biostatistics Exam Questions and Answers

Before dealing with biostatistics mcqs with answers, you need to understand the role of this discipline. The activity of doctors of different specialties is invariably connected with the development and analysis of statistical materials. The ability to generalize and analyze the information obtained in everyday medical practice allows us to approach the solution of clinical and organizational problems at a higher qualitative level.

All students who are looking for biostatistics mcq questions and answers to them should know the subject of this discipline. As for the subject of biostatistics, there were three different points of view. The first of them defined it as a universal science that studies the quantitative phenomena of nature and society. But such an approach is not legitimate, because mathematics is involved in the study of quantitative regularities, independent of qualitative composition. Statistics, in contrast to it, studies quantitative material phenomena that have specific qualitative characteristics.

According to the second point of view, biostatistics is a science that has no material content, but studies only the laws of mass phenomena. But this turns statistics into a science of a comprehensive method of quantitative study, which is also not true.

Some theorists view statistics as a branch of mathematics. After all, its theoretical basis is the mathematical theory of probability, not sciences, which study the laws of social development. Mathematical statistics is a branch of mathematics, and its positions are used in the study of social phenomena, taking into account and analyzing their qualitative content and specifics.

The statistics industry, which studies issues related to medicine, hygiene and public health, is called biostatistics. Biostatistics is a section of social practice, a branch of statistics. Therefore, everything that the subject studies, as well as the methods of statistics as a science, has to do with biostatistics. The latter studies a human as a social being, and all phenomena of human life as socially conditioned.

It can be said that the content of biostatistics is a quantitative study of the health processes of the population and the activities of the health protection system. It is often based on data on the relationship between phenomena and processes that relate to the biological characteristics of our body. This is considered in direct connection with the environmental factors with the leading importance of social factors.

Biostatistics is studying:

  • The health of the entire population and its individual groups by examining data on its abundance and composition, natural movement, physical development, morbidity and other points.
  • The relationship between health indicators and various environmental factors.
  • Data on the structure, activities and personnel of medical and preventive, sanitary and anti-epidemic institutions.
  • Organization and conduct of laboratory and clinical studies with an assessment of the reliability of the results of observations.

Thus, biostatistics has its task of justification of the regulatory and organizational needs for the provision of certain types of assistance, determining the regularities of the level of public health and the quality of medical care, summarizing the results of the activities of institutions, doctors, and scientific research.

Various processes in the health of the population are its main object. To characterize health, it is very important to give information about the incidence of the general population and its individual groups, and the disability. They form the basis for justifying measures aimed at preventing and reducing morbidity.

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biostatistics exam questions with answers

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