Python IDLE and PyCharm Sample

Python IDEs: IDLE and PyCharm

As usual, there is no single answer on what IDE is the best for Python. There are many of them, and each is good for certain purposes. In this tutorial, PyCharm and IDLE will be discussed and compared.

IDLE comes with most versions of Python and is limited in functionality, as opposed to PyCharm, which can be classified as a fully featured IDE. Python IDLE is a simple, user-friendly IDE for Python. Its installation does not require much hard drive memory or time from a developer.

python ide

Python Shell

It is possible to get amused with simple commands like variables and strings directly in the shell, but when it comes to creating some sort of program, it is better to create a script which is then saved and can be accessed by any IDEs installed for Python.

python ide sample

Executing commands from Shell

A major disadvantage of this utility is that there is no project management structure developed. You can only create single files and view them one by one. In such a way this tool is good only for those starting to learn Python, as advanced programmers will not be able to work with it.

So, there is a possibility to move on to PyCharm, which is a much more interesting program.

PyCharm is much like IntelliJ Idea, as it is developed by the same company as JetBrains. So for those who have been using IntelliJ, PyCharm will be familiar.

python ide example

Main window in PyCharm

There are a lot of appropriate hints, highlighting potential errors or incorrect syntax.

python idle

This IDE also continues writing code for the developer.

python idle example

Basically, each feature PyCharm has is included in a standard set of what is called “good IDE,” thus this environment is definitely worth using.

python pycharm

python pycharm example


python pycharm sample completed

Summing up the conducted analysis, it is possible to say that IDLE looks like a trimmed version of an IDE, lacking many basic features required for constant work in Python. Thus, PyCharm is the absolute winner of this comparison, as it gives the ability to perform all the work in it. Some additional features are commercial, but the Community version is enough to become a good programmer in Python.

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