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Python Graphics With Turtle

The turtle module in Python is a very simple tool for creating various objects and animations. The idea behind this name is based on real life: a turtle can go forward, backward, right, or left, and when doing so it leaves a trail. It is possible to command a turtle to take up its tail, though no footprint will be visible. In fact, these two sentences explain how everything works here, so let’s see how far we can get.

Example #1

This simple example below shows the creation of a purple turtle on the screen. There is no special code for its creation; it is a simple method of shape() which allows you to put different shapes (e.g. circle, triangle) instead of a simple arrow.

python turtle graphics

Creating a turtle

Example #2

This is an example of a turtle race where we put two turtles on the screen, then command them to lift up their tails, and until they reach the border of the screen, they are going with a random distance one by one.


python turtle graphics example

python turtle example

python graphics examples completed

Turtle races

Example #3

And the last example here is a kind of optical illusion, though it is a simple movement of the same shape on a hardcoded angle each time.


python turtle module

python graphics examples

Example #3

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