R Programming Example

    1. Installation
      First, you should download the RStudio IDE from the official website (https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/). You can install it both on Windows and Linux.
    2. Work with the console
      RStudio console provides you with a variety of powerful tools for simple and productive work with R language. Development of these options, along with the opportunities available in the Source (code editor) and History panels is quite interesting.

Automatic code completion

RStudio supports the automatic code completion using the Tab key. For example, if the workspace has an object called pollResults, you can type “poll” on the keyboard, press Tab, and RStudio automatically completes the name of the object. Similarly, you can get suggestions for features with the introduction of their names. For example, typing the name of the function sub and pressing Tab, we get the following:

Code completion also works for functions arguments; for example, if you enter a subset and press Tab, you obtain:

Return to the previous commands

Work with R often requires doing something that has been done previously. RStudio console supports navigation through previously executed commands using the arrow keys.

To view the list of recently executed commands and to select a specific command from the list, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Up (Command-Up on Mac computers):

The same key combination is suitable for a fast search of the previously called functions which have a specific prefix. For example, to search for functions that include the “plot” in their names, you simply enter the plot and press Ctrl + Up:

Console title window

In the title of the console window, there are several additional options:

  • Display the working directory
  • The ability to terminate the current calculation
  • Folding and unfolding the console window


Ctrl + 1 – moves the cursor to the source code window

Ctrl + 2 – moves the cursor to the console

Ctrl + L – Clears the console window

Esc – terminates the computation

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