R Language Examples

  1. Using the History of the commands

    General information

    During the work, RStudio creates a database of commands that the user enters in the console. You can view this database by using the History panel.

    Overview of the command history

    The History tab is situated in one of the RStudio panels. It allows the viewing of the history of previously executed commands. Commands are displayed in the order of their performance and are grouped by time:

    Search in the command history

    In the upper right corner of the list of earlier executed commands, there is a field to enter a search query. Search criteria can be detailed by entering multiple words separated by spaces (for example, the name of a data table):

    After locating the necessary commands, you can also view other commands, which were carried out around the same time. To do it you should click on the arrow that is on the right from the command execution time panel:

    Executing commands

    Commands in the History panel can be used in two ways:

    “Send to console” sends the selected command to the console. Note that the command sent to the console will not be executed until the Enter key is pressed.

    “Send to Source” sends the selected command in the active document, the Code Editor. If you are currently in the Editor and there are no active documents, the new document will be created with no name.

Working directory and workspaces

Loading and saving workspaces

During the active sessions, RStudio can use the following commands to save the workspace in the working folder:


You should remember that the load () function adds a loaded workspace to the current one. Therefore, if the active and the loading area is stocked with items of the same name, the objects of the loading area of the same name will replace the objects in the active workspace. This can lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, before loading the new workspace you can clear the active space. This can be done using the following command:


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