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Physics is the science of nature, which refers to natural science. The main goal of physics is the study of natural phenomena through experiments and the explanation of these laws through concrete formulas. To be good at physics, you should not only know these formulas, but also you should understand how to deal with different physics objective questions for competitive exams.

physics questions and answers

Physics Questions and Answers

If you are looking for a cognitive quiz about physics, answer a few of the objective questions in physics for competitive examination below. You will not only be able to test your knowledge, but also you will be prepared for your future exams. By the way, you can ask for help from a physics homework solver, and your grades will be higher.

  • Who received the first Nobel Prize in physics?

Answer: Wilhelm Roentgen in 1901 for the discovery of radiation

  • This woman, as an exception, twice was a Nobel laureate. What is her name?

Answer: Maria Sklodowska-Curie

  • Every day the Earth gains 400 tons. What is the cause?

Answer: Cosmic dust

  • Who created the first steam engine in the world?

Answer: Ivan Polzunov

  • What is a dielectric for a physicist?

Answer: Air

  • What is the amplification of light as a result of stimulated emission?

Answer: Laser

  • Which thermometer appeared first?

Answer: Fahrenheit thermometer in the 18th century

  • Which metal is the most refractory?

Answer: Tungsten

  • Which liquid is the lightest?

Answer: Liquefied hydrogen

  • What field appears around any object?

Answer: Gravitational field

  • Physicists have long been engaged in neutrino research, and to detect elusive particles, sensitive detectors are used in which neutrinos are stopped in the liquid and emit specific radiation, according to which they are recorded. Recently physicists have developed the DUMAND project, which will soon be implemented in the Hawaiian Islands. It provides the use of several trillion tons of working fluid. Where will the neutrino detectors be located in this project?

Answer: At a depth of 5 km at the bottom of the ocean.

  • If someone is walking near a dog sitting on a chain, the dog starts to bark, and other dogs begin to bark as well. What is the name of this phenomenon from the point of view of physics?

Answer: Chain reaction.

  • What is it? In the first 25 years, it actively served for the benefit of science, mainly meteorology and physics. For a whole quarter, it served as a lightning rod, was also used as a wireless telegraph station, twice a day served as an international hour bureau, reporting to all ships the current time on the meridian of Paris, and now it is used only for tourist purposes.

Answer: Eiffel Tower.

  • How did the English physicist J. Maxwell, while being not yet a scientist, discover the famous molecular velocity distribution in gas, later named after him? Moreover, he did it not of his own free will.

Answer: While answering a question on an exam.

  • What, in the opinion of the physicist comedians, is the darkest place in physics?

Answer: Light.

  • On a cloudless day, high in the sky, what can one observe that scientists of physics see using the Wilson camera?

Answer: Cloud trail, which occurs behind a flying object, and in this case, behind an airplane.

  • These two chemical elements stand side by side in Mendeleyev’s table. Joining together, they provide an element that has played a big role in the development not only of chemistry but also of physics. What are these elements?

Answer: Copper and zinc, which, when combined, give a copper-zinc galvanic cell.

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objective questions in physics for competitive examination

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