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The educational, pedagogical process is an object of study of many sciences (pedagogy, sociology, physiology, medicine, management theory) and is a complex, multifunctional and multicomponent phenomenon. Educational psychology studies psychological management issues, examines the learning processes and the formation of cognitive processes, looks for reliable criteria for mental development, determines the conditions under which effective mental development is achieved in the learning process, and examines the issues of the relationship between students. It is a difficult discipline and if you select it, you should know how to deal with educational psychology questions.

educational psychology questions and answers

The Common Educational Psychology Questions and Answers

One of the main educational psychology exam questions you will face is about what this discipline studies. Educational psychology studies mechanisms and patterns of mastering knowledge and skills, and explores individual differences in these processes, as well as the patterns of the formation of creative active thinking. It also determines the conditions under which effective mental development is achieved in the learning process, and considers the issues of the relationship between the teacher and students, and the relationship between the students.

One of the questions on educational psychology you need to know is about the place of this discipline. Educational psychology occupies a certain place between psychology and pedagogy, and has become a sphere of joint study of the interrelations between the upbringing, education and development of the younger generations.

Being a student, you may get educational psychology test questions related to educational problems. One of the pedagogical problems is the realization that the learning material is not digested as well as we would like. In connection with this problem, the subject of pedagogical psychology develops, which studies the patterns of learning and teaching.

On the basis of existing scientific ideas, technology, practice of educational and pedagogical activity, psychology-based patterns of assimilation processes are formed. The second educational problem arises when the difference between learning and development in the learning system is realized.

You can often find a situation when a person learns, but develops very little. The subject of research in this case is the patterns of the development of the intellect, personality, and the abilities of the person in general. This direction of educational psychology develops the practice of not teaching, but the organization of development.

Thus, the subject of educational psychology consists of the facts, mechanisms and patterns of development of the socio-cultural experience of a person, and the laws of the intellectual and personal development of the child as a subject of educational activity, organized and managed by the teacher in different conditions of the educational process.

The common, main task is to identify, study and describe the psychological characteristics and patterns of intellectual and personal development of a person in different conditions of teaching and educational activities and processes. Psychology reveals the individual age features and patterns of development and behavior of people, which is an important prerequisite for determining the methods and means of education.

Pedagogy examines the essence of upbringing – its patterns, tendencies and development prospects – and develops the theories and technologies of upbringing, and determines its principles, content, forms and methods. The structure of educational psychology includes four sections:

I. Psychology of educational activity (unity of educational and pedagogical activity).

II. Psychology of educational activity and its subject – the learner (student).

III. Psychology of educational activity and its subject – the instructor (teacher).

IV. Psychology of educational and pedagogical cooperation and communication.

The term “educational psychology” denotes two different sciences. One of them is a basic science, which is the first branch of psychology. It is called upon to study the nature and laws of the process of teaching and upbringing. Under the same term “educational psychology,” applied science is also developed, the purpose of which is to use the achievements of all branches of psychology to improve pedagogical practice.

Where to Find Educational Psychology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

educational psychology test questions

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