Helpful Python Turtle Example

Python Graphics With Turtle

The turtle module in Python is a very simple tool for creating various objects and animations. The idea behind this name is based on real life: a turtle can go forward, backward, right, or left, and when doing so it leaves a trail. It is possible to command a turtle to take up its tail, though no footprint will be visible. In fact, these two sentences explain how everything works here, so let’s see how far we can get. Continue reading

DAO Pattern in Java Sample

DAO Pattern in Java

In order to continue the topic of database connectivity in Java, it is necessary to look at the DAO pattern, which facilitates operation with the database.

The main idea of the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern is to hide all backend operations of the connection to the database and unite them in one main class. This may be necessary when the program consists of multiple entities interconnected with each other, and it would be very complex and of poor practice to make connection from each entity every time. Continue reading

A Thorough Overview of USB – Universal Serial Bus

Today, virtually all devices connect to the computer via USB port, which is a universal standard for joining different types of devices. Until 1995, each device connected to a computer using unique connectors, thus computers had many different ports for a variety of devices. This situation was completely inconvenient, so engineers started development of a new universal technology that would allow any kind of device to be connected to it. As a result, USB was born.

usb type c

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Our Expert SQL Overview

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and has been specifically designed for working with relational databases. This type of database is based on the concept of primary keys and the corresponding data stored within a table. Since databases today can handle billions of rows of data and process tons of queries at the same time, a language that helps to obtain necessary pieces of information within seconds is highly required. Continue reading