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Engineering Sample: Autodesk Simulation Mechanical Help

If you are performing an assignment about Autodesk Simulation Mechanical help, this example may help you! One of our experts has created static and fatigue analysis for 2D and 3D plates with round holes according to certain parameters using the Autodesk Simulation Mechanical software. You can use it as a source for solving your own assignment on a similar topic and get a better understanding of how to use this software to receive certain solutions.

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Learn About Noise Removal in Matlab From Our Sample

If you are having difficulties with noise removal in Matlab, you might need to get acquainted with this stunning sample. It was completed by an expert from AssignmentShark who has vast knowledge in engineering. Our expert has prepared this sample with the aim to demonstrate how similar tasks should be completed. We hope it will help you to solve your own issues.  

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Engineering Samples: The One about Stress Analysis of Riveted Lap Joint

Problem statement: There is a lap joint with one rivet, as shown in the Figure 1 below. The diameter of the rivet is 4 mm. The material of the rivet, as well as the material of pates in joint are given in the table 1 below. Force which is applied to the plate is given in form of distributed force through the cross-sectional area of the plate. Perform the Stress Analysis of the joint in order to verify the durability of the junction.

Lap joint

Figure 1. Lap joint

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Engineering Problem Solving

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Using ANSYS Workbench

In order to design a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger in ANSYS 16.1 the next steps were

a) Creating the project:

  1. Open the ANSYS 16.1 workbench;
  2. Select Fluid Flow (Fluent) in the toolbox menu at the left area of the window and create a new project.
  3. Rename the Project on “double-pipe” as shown in the Figure 1 below.

    Figure 1. Project “double-pipe”

  4. Save the project

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Electrical Engineering Assignment Example

Problem 1. Find the voltage VR2 in the circuit on the Figure 1 below.


Figure 1. Circuit for Problem 1


The problem 1 can be solved using the superposition method. This method is based on the elimination of all sources except one at a time, utilizing a series/parallel analysis in order to determine drops of voltage in the modified network for each source of the power. Continue reading