Usage of Java Server Pages Example

Java Web: Servlets, JSP, MySQL

In this sample, we present a program using servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), and a connection to the MySQL database. The database is called “Student” and has one table with the same name. The program in Java allows us to add a new student, delete an old student, and update existing ones, and shows all students that are in the database.

For connection, we have the class

java server pages

For handling all requests, we have a servlet called ControlServlet.

java server pages example

java server pages sample
For Student, we have the corresponding class:

servlets and jsp

servlets and jsp assignment

The actual functionality of the program (adding, updating, deleting students) is presented in the StudentDao class.

jsp servlets

jsp servlets sample

jsp servlets task

jsp servlets assignmnent completed

Also, all properties of the connection to the database are saved in the appropriate file called “”. Here are its contents:

java server pages example

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